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My first piece of jewelry was fueled by my frustration to find the perfect bracelet. After months of searching, I gave up and decided that the only way to find what I was looking for was to make it myself. As that first piece started to come together, I was already thinking of the other pieces of jewelry I wanted to make. And so began my love of making jewelry.

My friends came to me with the same problem — never being able to find the right kind of piece, or being forced to settle for something “close” but never perfect. I helped them create the exact piece they had in mind, for themselves, for gifts, for themselves again — and Perlina Handcrafted Jewelry grew out of it.

This company was founded on the idea that everyone can find that perfect piece of jewelry. The styles and examples on this site are only a start. If you see something you like but want it altered or if there is simply something you have been dreaming about but have never been able to find – contact me. I’ll help you create the perfect piece. With a Custom Request, you can tap into the entire collection of natural stones, precious metals and glass beads the world has to offer.

Perlina is Italian for bead
I fell in love with the beauty of Italian glass while on a trip to the Island of Murano near Venice, Itlay. The glass makers I met during this trip still supply my Italian glass beads.

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