Perlina Handcrafted Jewelry Party

Beaded Handcrafted Jewelry Party

Perlina Jewelry Party is Fun

Imagine you and your friends sitting around a table designing your own jewelry in the comfort of your own home. We make it possible by bringing thousands of natural stones, semiprecious gems, glass and sterling silver beads to your home accompanied by an accomplished jewelry designer. She will help you get started and from there – it’s all about you! Design one piece of jewelry for yourself or make gifts for friends/family members.

Hosting a party is easy, fun and worthwhile. There are no sliding scales, minimum sales required or packaging/delivery for you to do when you host a Perlina party. As a hostess, you’ll receive 10% of total sales during your party in free jewelry as well as a special thank you gift.

If you live in S.E. Wisconsin, contact me about hosting your own Perlina Jewelry Party.

My friends and I love Perlina jewelry parties. It offers us a chance to showcase our individuality by creating one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. The high quality stones and sterling silver pieces that Perlina offers makes it easy to create pieces we are proud to wear; and we take home our jewelry that night! It is not only a great time to spend with friends, but a wonderful opportunity to add to our jewelry collections at an affordable price.
Jill Van Calster, Waukesha, Wisconsin

Everyone at my Perlina jewelry party had a great time not only visiting and laughing, but also creating their own unique piece of jewelry. Everyone left happy!
Jenny F., Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

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